REC Tech (Robotic, Electronic, and Computer Technologies)

Tri Star Career Compact 3 Credits/year Junior: 7:30 - 10:20 A.M. Senior: 11:45 - 2:20 P.M.

Program Overview

REC Tech is a two-year Tech Prep program in which students receive a strong background in electronics/electrical systems, mobile and industrial robotics and automation, and computer systems and basic networking. Students will study FANUC Robots using teach pendant as the main interface point. They will learn the basic tasks/procedures to set-up, teach, test and modify iRVision applications on FANUC robotics. The program covers the repair and maintenance of computers and other electronic/electrical systems, the study of PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), and students will also learn to program microcontrollers such as basic stamps, Raspberry Pi, PICs and Arduino. Seniors will have the opportunity to build a computer, install operating systems and configure networks.

REC Tech prepares students to enter a two or four-year postsecondary education program or go directly into the job market.

Electronic terminology, symbols and lab safety
• To wire and demonstrate direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) circuits using electronic trainers
• To verify, solve, and demonstrate an understanding of Ohm's Law and network theorems using algebra and actual circuits
• To construct and solder functional electronic projects
• To wire and demonstrate operation of digital electronic circuits using transistors and integrated circuits
• To demonstrate knowledge of basic industrial controls and programming of PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers)

Qualifying seniors may participate in early placement the last nine weeks of the school year.
Students will demonstrate knowledge of and proper use of the following equipment and trainers:

• Digital and analog volt-ohm meters
• Oscilloscopes
• Function generators, frequency counters,
• Power and decibel meters
• AC and DC trainer
• Digital, telephone, and hydraulics trainers
• Linear and switching power supply trainer
• Network topologies and copper cabling lab trainer

INDUSTRY CERTIFICATIONS/CREDENTIALS - Students will have to opportunity to earn:

- ISCET certification in AC/DC, Semiconductors, and Digital & Computer Technology
- FANUC industrial robotics, Material Handling Certification (6 pts.)
- FANUC industrial robotics, IRvision (4 pts.)
- Accelerated Logix 5000 Programmer, Level I (6 pts.)

TO PREPARE FOR THIS CLASS: Take Algebra I, a computer applications course, and an industrial technology course that includes basic drawing or a CAD course

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Jerry Kohnen
REC Tech Instructor / SkillsUSA Advisor
REC Tech (Robotic, Electronic, and Computer Technologies)

Tri Star Career Compact

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Here you can find answers to some of our most popular questions. You may submit a question at the bottom of this page.

  1. What is Career Technical education?

    It is planned programs of study designed to provide students with the technical and social skills needed for employment. These skills increase an individual's chances of securing a good paying job in an area of interest to them.
  2. What can Tri Star offer me as a high school student?

    1. The best Career-Technical training in facilities with up-to-date equipment and software.
    2. Instructors who are caring individuals with special training and "on-the-job" experience in the areas they teach
    3. College credit and scholarship money for qualified students who want to go on to college.
    4. Job seeking assistance.
  3. What does it cost to attend Tri Star classes?

    There is no charge for attending a Tri Star class. However, most classes have lab fees AND, some programs require students to purchase tools (e.g. automotives, welding, construction).
  4. How does Career-Technical education compare to regular education programs?

    In some respects it is similar to regular education classes in that students spend time in a classroom setting (with textbooks, etc.), however, Career Technical education programs devote a larger portion of class time (lab ) to hands-on application of the skills learned.
  5. How does a Career-Technical student's day differ from a regular student's day?

    A student attends their chosen Career-Technical program for one half of the school day. The other half of their day is spent at their home school completing required academic classes. All students must take required courses needed for graduation at their home school. Check the Ohio Department of Education's website for graduation requirements (
  6. Are there requirements for enrollment in a Tri Star program?
    Yes, students are required to have accumulated a minimum nine (9) credit hours to be admitted. It should also be noted that enrollment is based on a student's attendance (weighted 70%) and GPA (weighted 30%) from their freshman and sophomore year.
  7. If I choose a Career-Technical program, can I still go to college once I graduate?

    Yes, approximately 60% of Tri Star graduates go on to attend 2 or 4 year colleges or other post-secondary training.
  8. Is it true you can earn free college credit by taking a Tri Star class?

    Yes, you can... if you enroll in a Tri Star program that has an articulation agreement with a college you plan to attend, AND you meet the specific requirements for that agreement (see the "college" tab located at the top of the page). Students can also earn college credits by way of CTAVs (or the Career Technical Articulation Verification). Students who earn CTAVs will see the actual credit on a transcript.
  9. What is College Tech Prep?

    College Tech Prep is a curriculum of study designed to prepare a student for a "high tech" career by blending academic and technical subjects. The goal of a Tech Prep program is to prepare a student to enter a two-year and/or four-year college through coursework which includes a combination of academic, job readiness, and technical skill development.
    1. Project-based learning with an emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving
    2. Providing opportunities to gain knowledge and skills in high demand careers.
    3. STEM programs are identified with the STEM logo in the Tri Star catalog.
  10. Is transportation provided to a Tri Star class that is not held at my home school?

    Yes! Bus transportation is provided to Tri Star however, students may provide their own transportation. Students enrolled in work-study programs must provide their own transportation to and from school or work. Students, who choose to drive or students who ride with student drivers are required to complete a Transportation Authorization form. Drivers must also provide proof of coverage by motor vehicle liability insurance (at the applicable state minimum level) in order to be able to drive to school. PLEASE NOTE: Driving is a privilege. Students who drive irresponsibly or recklessly may lose their privilege to drive and be required to ride the bus or find other transportation.
  11. Can Tri Star students participate in home school extracurricular activities?

    Yes! Tri Star only requires students to leave their home school for half-a-day, thus enabling them to participate in activities and remain in close contact with peers and teachers at their home school.
  12. How do I apply?
    It's easy! Applications are available on this website, in your high school guidance office, from a Tri Star instructor or at the Tri Star office. Just complete your portion of the application and turn it in to your high school guidance counselor before the posted deadline. Counselors must then complete their portion of the application before sending it on to the Tri Star office for processing.

  13. Can my son or daughter be enrolled if he is home schooled?
    Yes, but certain stipulations apply. Call the Tri Star Office (419-586-7060) for information.
  14. Can I take more than one Tri Star program in the same year?

    Under certain circumstances this is possible, however for most students it cannot be done due to scheduling issues. A Tri Star program will take up one-half day of the student's school schedule and the other half is needed to complete academic requirements (e.g. math, English, government, science) at their home high school. Call the Tri Star Office (419-586-7060) for help in making this determination.
  15. Does Tri Star offer adult career technical classes?

    Welding, precision machining, Servsafe, and FANUC robotics certification classes are offered for adults at various times throughout the year. For more information click on Adult Education or contact Marcia Helentjaris at or call 419-586-7060.

Tri Star Career Compact

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